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Since '17.

Meet My Team

The name is Dreamy Nation. We do things on a bigger scale, as a collective.

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My Solo Work

I also work on my own quite often.

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I love Emailing…
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Side Project

thinkers' tavern

For now I share the love for Swatch watches with people around me through this 'digital space', but I do love to see it in 'physical form' later on. There are a number of vivid ideas I'm nurturing.

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little talks 'bout little things

'Untalkative' should be the most common adjective everyone would use to describe me. But that's the real world, I blabber a lot in this online world. This, this is my comfort zone.

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songs you too might love

I used to write about music, and then I realized it’s a lot more relaxing when I don’t try to be critical and judge things. I love music even more since then.


capturing things, randomly

I used to wander a lot with my camera back in 2010s. Now? Not as much. But the enthusiasm just won’t die. Maybe it’s just sleeping a long sleep.


other worlds i hold dear

internet of [man-y] things

Experience: 15+ years roaming the net.
Found: Millions of good things, and also the bad.

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