This is your one-stop shop for English - Vietnamese localization, writing and editing services. is my online CV/Portfolio detailing my skills & experience, past projects as a English to Vietnamese Localization, LQA Expert, Editor.

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With professional-level deliverables guaranteed

Below are main freelancing services I provide. I also have friend freelancers offering different creative services, check them out here.

Translation & Writing

My translation and writing skills are at your service. It could be anything of your choice: blog posts, social media content, PR articles, ad copies, ad scripts, whitepaper, press release and many more types of deliverables.

Web Design & UX

I like writing on it at first but then I notice something even more interestingcreating a stylish website, with my writing on it. I'm familiar with Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Adsense, Landing Page etc.

SEO & Digital Marketing

And finally, when I want to expose my content, web creations to a wider and wider audience, I resorted to SEO and Digital Marketing. Pro tools available: MOZ, KWFinder, SEMrush ... and I run campaigns on IG, FB, GG.



Adding values to your business just by typing and clicking on my computer, from across the world.

7+ Years Experience

I have poured my efforts into the last five years, ever since I graduated. The journey started off with a big corp in Vietnam where built up my skills and knowledge of the market before dropping out to work on my own as a freelancer.

Nguyen LNP - Vietnamese freelance writer | Vietnamese freelancer | Web design, writing, digital marketing services

Upwork's Top Rated Plus Freelancer

Along the way, on one of the world's top freelancing and remote work platform, I have earned the Top Rated Plus Freelancer title.


Featured Projects

You can click on the thumbnails to go each service category's portfolio. On each linked portfolio, I have listed and described in details the past projects of each category.


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Projects under NDA are not listed here. Other than the below mentioned clients, I have worked on projects from a number of Fortune 500 companies and other renowned brands via agencies. Currently I'm Head of Content at Best Insurance Online.

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