I’ve been proudly delivering freelance services since 2015.

Translation & Writing

Words are the simplest way to tell a story about you and your business. Contact me to get writing service quotes.

Web Design & UX

Good x (Content + Web Design) + Good User Experience = Good business. Quick math.

SEO, Digital Marketing

To scale up your business, you'd need these tools; and I'm able to help you with either of them, in English & Vietnamese.

Nguyen LNP - Vietnamese freelance writer | Vietnamese freelancer


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But by no means limited to them only, I'm open to hear about your projects.


Other good stuffs I have in my arsenal

I also offer the following services as an add-on package to the main project or as a standalone project. Find my contact details here.


English ↔ Vietnamese translation service with high-quality, 100% human translation. I love both languages and treat them with absolute care.

Editing, Proofreading

I always pay high attention to detail and want to raise the bar of quality for clients, because there's always room for improvement.

Data Analysis

Being familiar with general marketing data, product launch data, social media, digital ad metrics allow me to offer data analysis as a service.

Community Management

I have two years experience working as a community manager for mobile apps/games and is now geared with perfect skill sets for the job.

Market Research

Digging for info is just my thing and I'm good with it. I have tools, connections, a right mindset and smooth approaches.


If you want to enter Vietnam market and in need of right manufacturers for your business, I'm also a reliable sourcing agent.

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